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Good afternoon,

School staff met today and have begun to plan how to provide effective education and meals to Alberton families. If you haven’t been called yet, expect a phone call by tomorrow asking families important questions to address distance learning needs during school closure.

Starting this Wednesday (3/18), between 11:00-1:00, school employees will deliver instructional packets and meals (for those who expressed that desire during phone surveys) directly to each home within the district’s realm. At this time, we ask that you keep your pets indoors or on a leash. We will repeat this service, and pick up completed packets, next Monday (3/23) and Wednesday (3/25).

Here is the menu (please note that some foods will require an adult or older child to help heat up):
Breakfast: Ham & cheese bagel, fruit, and milk
Lunch: Tacos, salsa cup, applesauce, baked maple bar, and milk
Breakfast: Cereal, fruit, and milk
Lunch: Sloppy joe hot pocket, salad, apple, and milk
Breakfast: Blueberry pancakes, and milk
Lunch: Chicken strips, french fries, carrot sticks, orange, and milk
Breakfast: Waffles, strawberry cup, and milk
Lunch: Cold cheese sandwich, fresh vegetable, fruit salad, and milk
Breakfast: Cereal, milk, juice, and milk
Lunch: Rib BQ sandwich with BBQ sauce, sweet potato fries, apple crisp, and milk
Breakfast: Hame & cheese bagel, mandarin oranges, and milk
Lunch: Turkey sandwich, salad, rice krispy treat, fresh pineapple, and milk

Thank you all for your flexibility and willingness to come together in this unprecedented time. We look forward to continue to serve our community!


This school year marks 100 years of Alberton School being in session!  The 2nd and 3rd Grade classes are working together on a project to highlight a special part of Alberton School’s history.  We would like to honor all Alberton graduates who served in the United States Armed Forces.  If you or a family member graduated from Alberton School and then entered any branch of the armed forces we need the following information:
Year of graduation from Alberton, Military Branch entered, years served (ex:  4 years, 1954-1958)  any awards or decorations, and a service picture.
Electronic copies and all information can be emailed to Jodi (Lausch) Clark at jclark@alberton.k12.mt.us, or Christina (Brovold) Wekkin at cwekkin@alberton.k12.mt.us with a subject line of Alberton Veteran Alumni.

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