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Reminder that the last day of school before Christmas Break will be Dec. 19th. School will resume Jan. 6th.

This school year marks 100 years of Alberton School being in session!  The 2nd and 3rd Grade classes are working together on a project to highlight a special part of Alberton School’s history.  We would like to honor all Alberton graduates who served in the United States Armed Forces.  If you or a family member graduated from Alberton School and then entered any branch of the armed forces we need the following information:
Year of graduation from Alberton, Military Branch entered, years served (ex:  4 years, 1954-1958)  any awards or decorations, and a service picture.
Electronic copies and all information can be emailed to Jodi (Lausch) Clark at jclark@alberton.k12.mt.us, or Christina (Brovold) Wekkin at cwekkin@alberton.k12.mt.us with a subject line of Alberton Veteran Alumni.

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